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Bella S. - Age 42

"I am in love with the results of my liposuction! Ladies, this man is top notch in the biz. I have lost 4 inches and went down to 3 pant sizes. Already looking forward to my next. Thanks Doc!”

Emma C. - Age 35

"Cabotage Plastic Surgery  Clinic is the best when it comes to the craft. Dr. Ricky and his staff are very helpful with all my enquiries. I’m having a breast reduction as it doesn’t fit my current lifestyle anymore. I can’t wait!"

Jana L. - Age 34

"I couldn't rave more about my experience with Cabotage Plastic Surgery. From the moment I emailed for a consultation to getting my breast lift surgery, Dr. Ricky and his team will be with you every step of the way. They’re amazing!"

Bianca D. - Age 27

"Dr. Cabotage will go over ALL the details of your surgery of choice. I feel completely at ease with my choice to go for a breast lift, instead of implants. My husband and I are are super stoked with the results!"

Trish M. - Age 23

"My Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Richard changed my life! He has done a better job at making me feel comfortable throughout my surgical process. 6 months later, I feel still feel the confidence and is still very happy with the results!"

Karizza C. - Age 29

"Dr. Ricky laid out a very detailed plan regarding implant options for me! He did not insist on getting a larger size implant and simply showed me the what may look most natural based on my proportions and athletic lifestyle. I’m super pleased with the result and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone!"

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